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The Latest Issue of 90265 Magazine with English actress Patsy Palmer gets a heavy push by the British press.

Founder Cece Woods has built strong relationships in the media industry over the last decade as a result of her investigative reporting and activism that translates into an impressive rolodex of opportunities for MGMG clients.

The exposure of the cover-up in the Malibu Creek State Parks Shootings in 2018and Woods investigative reporting, was featured in GQ Magazine’s June, 2019 story “The Unsolved Mystery of the Malibu Creek Murder”. 

The Hollywood Reporter, has featured Woods numerous times in the since 2018. Most recently, in the article “A Chance to Star Over: How Malibu Embraced Optimism After the Fire”.  

During the Woolsey Fire, Woods was boots on the ground reporting receiving over a million hits across her social media platforms. As the only local news sources reporting from the front lines, New Yorker Magazine featured her in the article “The Woolsey Fire Engulfs Southern California”, as well as the L.A. Times coverage “South Bay Surfers Deliver Supplies to Malibu Residents Affected By the Woolsey Fire.”

The Guardian UK article “Malibu Residents Fear Serial Attacker in Their Scenic Enclave”quoted Woods linking back to her reporting on the Malibu Creek State Park Shootings.

In Richard Winton’s article “There Were Five Shootings At and Near a Malibu Park Over Two Years. Why Didn’t Authorities Alert the Public Until Father Was Killed?” Cece was mentioned as a Malibu activist revealing information on shootings not disclosed to the public.